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BlinkSky [Blink-Sky] is a global platform to securely create, manage and deliver premium Digital Gift Cards, Tickets, Coupons and more, mobile-direct and at scale;
for instant redemption in-store or online.


1200+ Brands. Plus Yours

Send premium digital Brands employees and customers are sure to love, or create your own Digital Card program. Access both closed and open-loop digital giftcards, tickets, airtime or coupons, all delivered in real-time via our secure platform, direct to recipient's mobile.

Vaccine Reward Card


Drive your company or municipality's COVID-19 vaccination adoption initiative, using Digital Gift Cards as instant incentives. A recent study shows Rewards influence respondents to take action. Delivered mobile direct, recipients can spend their Digital Gift Cards instantly at local, regional and national merchants to both stimulate the economy and support a healthier lifestyle.


Instant Digital Issuance

Goodbye physical cards, paper vouchers, tickets and coupons. Instantly create wallet-ready open or closed loop digital cards in minutes, not months. BlinkSky manages the entire digital lifecycle from creation and distribution to purchase and redemption. Perfect for employee rewards, consumer incentives, payment disbursements and more.


Ready For Business

Use our B2B Portal to seamlessly reward employees, incentivize new members or drive customer acquisition. We have replaced extensive manual processes which involve multiple stakeholders, with one intelligent global platform that automates the ordering and delivery process, end-to-end.

Available Balance: $136.97
With a Walmart eGift Card, you get low prices every day on thousands of popular products in stores or online at and  See for complete gift card terms and conditions.

Always In Stock

Goodbye physical cards — hello digital. BlinkSky digital cards are born mobile first to deliver your brand in real-time (no shipping and handling here) with interactive multi-sided UI/UX, real-time balance tracking, multi-currency support and dynamic branding. Senders and recipients alike, will enjoy a next level end-to-end digital gifting experience.

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The Speed Of Now

BlinkSky goes beyond traditional email, paper vouchers and plastic cards. Our digital gift cards are delivered mobile direct via SMS or email. Your recipients can redeem and track usage balances, all on-the-fly — no app install required.

Processing time: within seconds

API scale on demand

We make sending Digital Cards via API super easy. Using our simple JSON API you can build exactly what you want, fast. We’ll handle the complexity of currency, mobile and brand integration, so you can get started right away.

 "gift": {
      "action": "order",
      "apikey": "{APIKey}",
      "sender": "Luxury Automotive Inc.",
      "from": "17705551234",
      "dest": "16150001234",
      "code": "62",
      "amount": 100,
      "postal": "90211",
      "msg": "Thanks for visiting our dealership!",
      "reference": "G62-786",
      "handle_delivery": false

Fraud Protection

BlinkSky guarantees 100% fraud liability protection. Know your customer, trust every transaction. Fraud and abuse plague e-commerce transactions of all types, BlinkSky prevents fraud and abuse on every gifting transaction. We easily and automatically block suspected devices across our global network of transactions, using real-time human and machine learning technologies.

BlinkSky Worldwide

The future of Digital gifting is BlinkSky. We are issuing exclusive licenses to power digital gifting for international markets, secure and own your market today. Exclusive in-country Partners have Platform-access to our industry leading technologies, innovations and network to deploy advance digital cards effortlessly and in record time.

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Everything you need to create, manage, and deliver instant digital rewards. Signup for your BlinkSky digital gifting platform right now. Submit a few details and we’ll be in touch.


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