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Elevate your digital payments, rewards, incentives, and promotions with a seamless, secure, and all-digital experience from digital card creation and hosting to secure issuance and acceptance.

We reimagined both digital open and closed-loop interactivity, branding and mult-currency support that provides real-time balance updates, and eliminates the necessity for physical card printing, physical card production or physical distribution logistics. We've gone deep to integrate sophisticated fraud protection technologies to ensure security of your digital assets.

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For business, on demand

Our worldwide platform provides access to over 1,100 top-tier brands across more than 30 countries and supports 18+ currencies for digital rewards, incentives, promotions, and beyond. Whether you're operating your own digital program or aiming to connect with global premium brands, our service ensures instant satisfaction for your employees, customers, and partners, accessible instantly on any mobile device.

Launch digital programs in minutes, not months

Initiate programs in minutes, not months. Effortlessly oversee your branded digital card initiatives from conception to execution and final redemption by end-users. Our platform simplifies the intricate process of adhering to brand and regulatory standards, or you have the option to delegate the management of your program to us, allowing you to focus on your primary business activities.

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Open or closed loop

Whether for open or closed-loop digital cards, BlinkSky provides vibrant visual branding, secure real-time balances, host tokenization, multi-currency, and real-time multi-transport support. These features are all intentionally crafted to energize the upcoming wave of branded payments, digital rewards, and digital incentives..
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Supercharge loyalty

Unlock digital earn-and-burn loyalty program offers an engaging strategy for rewarding loyalty, motivating customers to accumulate program points and redeem them swiftly.

Our transaction-based API loyalty model fosters a drive to optimize benefits, leading to continuous customer engagement and rapid reward redemption. Such a strategy not only strengthens brand loyalty but also contributes to improving your financial performance.

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Reward anytime, anywhere

See how Fortune 500 companies empower employees' with digital engagement and fostering inclusiveness by utilizing our portal for recognition, incentives, feedback, and tailor-made surveys. Our Platform provides an effortless approach to motivating your team's performance when it matters most.

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Built-in security and risk management

BlinkSky safeguards your digital cards against expensive fraud attacks by implementing our comprehensive fraud management technology. You concentrate on operations, leave the task of dealing with fraudsters to us.

  • Leverage Dynamic PAN®, 2-Factor PIN protection and recipient verification
  • Issue digital cards and streamline online purchases from the start
  • Lower fraud management costs through reduced false positives
  • Cut through fraud to find good customers
Our fraud and risk management solution enables you to expedite legitimate transactions while thwarting illicit ones, allowing you to prioritize your business objectives. Eliminate the uncertainty surrounding payment fraud with our advanced machine-learning fraud management solutions, outsmarting fraudsters on their own turf.

BlinkSky doesn't rely solely on one statistical algorithm; instead, we integrate various methods to capitalize on the distinct strengths of each of our risk models, selecting the most effective model for each transaction.

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Seamless integration

We have created a developer friendly set of APIs to facilitate any integration requirement via our flexible web services. Our platform offers a comprehensive range of features built on a JSON based foundation for seamless integration between us, you or your partners plus continuous 24/7 support to accommodate any bespoke user needs.

  • A single, unified API
  • Access global merchants
  • Leverage our partnerships
  • Fast integration

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Beyond borders

BlinkSky is spearheading digital stored-value with deep innovation while paving the way for a more equitable digital payments future.

We're currently offering a select number of exclusive country licenses to enable intl. partners to deploy our digital commerce technology for international markets at scale.

Our licensed partners will gain access to our cutting-edge technologies, innovations, and network, allowing them to effortlessly deploy our advanced digital cards in any market.

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